Location: Congress halls or larger indoor spaces

Trade like the best of them

It is a dynamic and fun simulation of the New York stock exchange, where teams trade with stock, bonds, gold and currency. The team that reaps the greatest profit at the end of the day wins!

The real fun starts when the value of stock begins to change, so you’ll have to be quick at buying or selling. Different economic and political factors influence the price and the teams can stay up-to-date through different media outlets – TV screens, radio and newspapers. The task of the teams is to process the information as quickly as possible and make the right decisions where to invest their funds.

New york stock exchange is a team building, where your team will have to be responsive to the information given and successfully communicate with each other before making their decisions. So, be sure to delegate tasks correctly, because only one team can be the winner!


In short about New York stock exchange simulation:

  • Location? Congress hall or other larger indoor spaces
  • For whom? We recommend it for your team building weekends, seminars or trainings
  • Group size? From 10 to 100 people
  • How long? It lasts up to two and a half hours
  • Unique team building for the 2022/23 season
  • Best possible activity for congress halls