Startup retreats

Along with the rise of Start-up companies, the evolution of corporate retreats is becoming more and more important.

Get out of your offices, experience something new and learn from it.

This is the chance for executives to connect with employees, for teams to invent, for company to shine. Instead of being captured between walls, why not break those walls, and take your co-workers outside into more creative environment. Office under the palms with light Mediterranean breeze, and the smell of the ocean in Dubrovnik, or would you rather have mountain experience with view over the Alps? We will leave your company strategical planning & creative solutions for you to think about.

You are the expert on that area. We will take care for the afternoon part, where we are the experts:

We just enjoy in making surprises for you.

Why to choose ETC Adriatic for your startup retreats?

We have a rich collection of references as we have collaborated with many entrepreneurial centres. Among other details of the event’s design, we take care of the venue search and booking, transportation, accommodation, organisation and administration, we advise on good practice, perfect locations that fit the character of your event, speakers, workshops and breakout sessions, and activities like exploring the local experiences as well as team building programs.

Contact us, tell us your goals, vision and budget, and we will engineer your whole experience based on that.

When to choose startup retreats?

You get your team, top to bottom, onto a startup retreat because you want it to work for several days on finding the solution for company’s challenges. At the same time, you want to provide them with new trainings and workshops. To give them extra boost, you top all this with fun team building activities.

Basically, startup retreats combine teambuilding with strategy matters in an isolated, peaceful location, distanced from the everyday office walls. You want your team to deliver substantial strategic benefits through team bonding experience that enhances their focus and productivity.

Startup Retreats

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