In fast growing industries, executive meetings have become important tool.

Executive teams are looking for nice venues where they will not be disturbed and will experience something new and possibly be inspired to use the solutions in their business.

An offsite meeting in the mountain hut, where you arrive with a helicopter, or in a medieval castle with royal guards, guarding the door, making sure you will not be disturbed. Put on medieval clothes and be creative like scholars of old. Continuing the day with feast while planning the next steps for your company, sound very Roman like doesn’t it?

Large empires were build this way, put on your roman toga and make another one. A few days of team isolation will result in increased creativity, give you time to brainstorm for ideas, and chance to focus on your top projects.

Why to choose ETC Adriatic for your off-site executive meeting?

We take full care of all aspects of the pre-agreed details for a multi-day meeting up to 10 persons.

We provide:

  • day-to-day-programs,
  • luxurious venues,
  • VIP vehicles,
  • transport,
  • accommodation,
  • coffee breaks,
  • leisure treats,
  • gourmet bites,
  • arts and cultural experiences,
  • all signed with the level of exclusivity according to your wishes.

For you we book quiet, remote or luxurious venues. Be it historical venues, or other attractive locations for executive sessions, we have access to architectural masterpieces and unique rooms amidst mind-blowing natural sights.

Great company to work in Slovenia and Croatia: creative, full of bright ideas and realiable. Highly recommended!

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