Croatia, bordering Slovenia to the northwest, and set on the top of Balkan peninsula, leaves any visitor entranched by its Mediterranean beauty stretching through 1,800 km of coastline with more than 1,100 islands and islets that float, so to speak, at the foot of quiet Dinaric Alps. World-renowned for royals, Hollywood and sports stars visiting its Adriatic turquoise bays while endulging on delicious cusine based on sea food, olive oil, truffles, and proscuitto, Croatia will surely provide an inspiring location that will enhance your company’s business results. As, honestly, no one stays unmotivated once setting her or his foot into this land that nursed the Master of light – Nikola Tesla, born and raised in Lika County.


Set on the crossroad of the Western, Central and South-East Europe, this small country does not lack in glamour despite covering only about 20,000 km2. In fact, for exactly its size and position in the midst of the diverse landscapes, cultures and lifestyles, Slovenia provides an easily accessible, safe, and impressive backdrop for any event of your choice. From Alpine lakes and crystal rivers, on top of Karst caves where the Human Fish resides, to medieval coastal towns, along Roman thermal baths and through endless forested landscape that earned it the title of one of the greenest countries in the world, Slovenia is the must-experience destination. Keeping in mind also its globally-praised devotion to sustainability, Slovenia is nothing short of one of the trendiest destinations you’ll ever encounter.


Serbia is a destination located in South-East Europe and it’s placed right in the heart of Balkan peninsula. It is a home of hospitable, open and proud people with hot temper. It offers you beautiful and unspoiled nature on one hand and land of lively cities on the other. Visit a glorious capital city Belgrade and go to Kalemegdan where you can find the most romantic spot in the city. It’s a country with a lot of traditions and rich history. One of amazing experience is also a night out on their famous rafts where they do an unforgettable parties. Another reason to visit Serbia is their traditional cuisine. While your stay there you have to try one of their traditional dishes as čevapčiči, kajmak and lamb. Serbia will impress you with its homeliness and it will show you real beat of Balkan and its people.


Montenegro is a country in the South-East Europe which is spreading along the Balkan coast. Because of its landscape diversity Montenegro is a perfect combination of mountain and sea tourism. Most of their beaches are covered with small stones and are surrounded by mountains, which gives the impression that you are located in the middle of mountain paradise and not just on one of the beaches along the Adriatic sea. If you like sunny days, Montenegro is ideal choice for you. Montenegrins enjoy an average of 240 sunny days a year. Don’t forget to stop at one of the restaurants and try an excellent cuisine that will delight you. Montenegro offers plenty of activities from popular tourist stops to discovering unspoiled nature. All those things ensure you an unforgettable vacation.

Why visit Adriatic region?

  • Europe’s hidden gem
  • Located in Central Europe
  • Pristine and beautiful nature
  • Good hearted people
  • More than 1800 km of beautiful coastline and more than 1200 islands
  • Thrilling outdoor adventures
  • Explorer’s paradise
  • Delicious and authentic cuisine
  • World renowned wines


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