You want to raise the culture of cooperation and mutual trust among your employees?

Team-building programs are the joint activities of your employees and really good quality time spent together outside the work environment. The point is to give employees fun, as this builds connections between them also on a personal level, which is good for your company, too.

What are the advantages of team building programs?

You think of the team-building programs when you are looking for solutions for bonding the employees for the sake of the company. As the downfall of most team-building programs is that employees dislike them, we have team-building events that your employees will love and will remind you to bring them back to us. When done properly, team building is one of the most important investments into the human potential of your company. It bolsters trust, communication, and cooperation, and eases conflicts.

Why to choose ETC Adriatic for your teambuilding programs?

We provide one-day or multi-day team-building programs in the Adriatic region (Croatia, Slovenia, Srbia, Montengro). We take care of all the elements of the trip, from A to Z, as well as discussing the maximum number of participants, and we take care of the activities of all the employees. Our team-building programs have two goals: fun and socialising. We prepare all the aspects—technical as well as creative ones to achieve the goals that you want.

All our team building you can find on our Slovenian web page.

ETC Adriatic is our professional partner for our business events in Slovenia and Croatia. They always find the right locations, activities and team building programs. I recommend.

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