Without a doubt, the murder will trigger an international incident

Slovenia has taken over a one-year session of the United Nations commission for renewable resources. The first United Nations conference on renewable resources began yesterday with the plenary part in Portorož. With this conference, the United Nations aims to accelerate the search for solutions for cleaner green energy and redefine the Paris Agreement. However, not everything is going according to plan as everyone had initially hoped. This morning, they discovered that the central speaker of the conference is missing, and a few hours later, they found him dead near the hotel. Without a doubt, this will trigger an international incident, prompting the country’s president to call for the help of a team, led by Chief Inspector Maks Grafenauer, to get to the bottom of the matter within just three hours.

The program begins with a police report, followed by the notice that three suspects are entering the room. All of them have motives, and at the same time, they all have alibis. The team building is a combination of a closed-space game and exploration around the hotel or the city. Each team receives an iPad to help them, and the next point is revealed when the team arrives at the right place. During the program, the teams must solve various questions and carry out team-building tasks. With correct answers or successful completion of tasks, the competitors earn hints.

Besides the documentation, fieldwork is also required. This means conducting an investigation, searching for the victim’s diary, listening to voicemails, reading text messages, etc.

Is this a murder out of love, or is the motive money?

About Murder Mistery:

  • Location? Hotel, congress hall, outdoor venue
  • Who? Groups who want to solve tasks while having extreme fun
  • Group size? The event is suitable for a group of 20-100 people, divided into teams of 8 persons each.
  • Special features? Solving intricate police cases.
  • Duration? It lasts up to three hours.