Location: Dubrovnik, Šibenik, Croatia

Swords, armors, knights, kings, horses, … you name it!

Always wondered how it would be if you were a part of world’s known Game of Thrones serie or just how it would be living back in medieval days? Swords, armors, knights, kings, horses, … you name it!

Battle for the Thrones is a team building based on Game of Thrones series. Houses are competing against each other in order to prove to the King who is the best of them all and deserves to be his right hand. Everything is happening in Kings Landing where king, queen, knights, king’s servants and jesters are gathering and happily living their lives (actors on scene are provided). So, are you ready to jump into medieval clothes/costumes and become a part of that?

On the way to their victory Houses will need to compete in different disciplines as archery, defeating angry dragons and defending the castle. Blindfolded searching for exits and stealing dragon’s eggs, they need to make sure they will be on time to finish each activity.

This team building offers a variety of tasks and games that demand a lot of concentration, team spirit and competing amount Houses to see which group will be the right one to rule the Kingdom. The games are mostly simple (we include a couple of harder ones too) and are appropriate for everyone, regardless of age or physical condition. Battle for the Throne will ensure you that your event will be fun and active for all participants

Team building is great option for Dubrovnik.

About Battle for the Throne game:

  • Location? The best option for this team building is a castle, but team building can also take place outdoors and it’s suitable for all kinds of picnics.
  • For whom? It’s suitable for anyone, regardless age or the shape you are in.
  • Size of the group? From 50 till up to 200 people can enjoy this team building activity.
  • How long? From two and a half hours till five hours (depends on the amount of people).
  • Extremely dynamic
  • Unique activity for your team building or corporate events