Location: Anywhere next to large bodies of water

Will you sail to victory or sink to defeat?

Are you looking for a truly unique activity for your next picnic or team building? Seek no further! Sink or swim is a fun activity where you’ll get to see who is a better captain and who the better diver.

For a good ship all we need is some carton and a lot of creativity. Each team receives materials and tools to build their ships in addition with help and advice by our animators. Each team has to carefully plan their ship and decorate it so that is truly seaworthy. When you’re good and ready we ceremoniously launch the ships, so don’t forget about a good and lucky name! Then it’s time for the competition – the skipper sits in your boat, tries to win the race and does his best to not sink your creation.

About Sink or swim:

  • Location? Anywhere on the sea, lake river on swimming pool. We recommend one of our prime locations – a mountain lake on Golte, the fairytale Otočec, swimming pool complex Atlantis or Laguna or one of our other locations
  • Who? We recommend it to companies which want a creative team building with tons of fun
  • Duration? It lasts up to two and a half hours
  • A unique activity for your picnic or team building
  • Great for hot summer days
  • Guaranteed satisfaction for your employees

The Back Story

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