Location: Slovenia, Italy, Croatia

The most interactive team building experience

Smartphones, the computer revolution and a selection of unique challenges enabled us to create a unique ETC treasure hunt event, which encourages the cooperation of team members on the one hand and competitiveness between teams. This together creates an unforgettable experience.

ETC treasure hunt is put together by a smartphone app, a joint start and several checkpoints which test your abilities. You move between different locations with the help of a tablet which give you instructions and hints. On every location there awaits a fun and interesting task and only by completing it you get instructions on the path that awaits you. First team to complete all the tasks and cross the finish line wins!

ETC treasure hunt is suited for all environments – we can do it in a skyscraper, around the city, on the ski slope and anywhere else. Venice, Zagorje, Ljubljana, Golte, Zagreb or Plitvice – anywhere can be our scene as the app works with GPS and ETC Adriatic team inspects the location and adapts an adventure suited for the location. The tasks on the checkpoints can be suited to the buyer and include photo challenges, mind puzzles, motor skill challenges and many more.

Our ETC treasure hunt programs are much more than the classic team building events as they offer:

  • Location? It can be done anywhere, anytime
  • How long? Lasts up to two and a half hours
  • Group size? For groups up to 100 people
  • Fun competition between co-workers and friends
  • Interactive games and completing physical and mind tasks and challenges
  • Chance to include activities that encourage cooperation between attendees
  • Improvisation and coordination with the help of the judges and animators
  • Chance of tailoring the game to your event or company

ETC treasure hunt is a fun and easy-going adventure that your guests won’t forget. The structure of the event is adapted to the location of your choice and the difficulty level suited to the abilities of the contestants. We are partner of moove app. 

Contact us and we will prepare an ETC treasure hunt suited to your needs and we guarantee you won’t forget it.