Assemble your race car and be the first past the finish line

It’s time for your team to take the starting position and drive through the course as fast as they can with the Grand Prix Race team building. But there’s a catch – they have to build their own race car first!

All you need is the chassis, some materials, a lot of creative spirit and even more teamwork. The task is very dynamic, it requires a well thought-out resource management and good negotiating skills in order to get extra materials. When the vehicle is assembled, design perfected and the driver ready then it’s time to… race!

About Grand prix Race:

  • Location? The team building can take place outdoors or indoors – it’s suitable for picnics, conferences or other events you want to make more interesting
  • For whom? It’s suitable for everyone, regardless of age or the shape you are in
  • How long? It lasts up to two and a half hours
  • Most popular activity of the last year
  • Extremely dynamic and requires very good planning