Location: Slovenia, Italy, Croatia

Create a masterpiece with your own hands

Ice sculpture making is a fantastic test of teamwork and skill. Become sculptors and unleash your artistic gifts.

Under the guidance of an experienced sculptor who shares some of their secrets, contestants will bring their creations to life through planning, making and presentation. The results are not only fun but also often humorous, resulting in guaranteed works of art.

This unique and enjoyable workshop can be organised anywhere. A team composed of a sculptor and animators ensure not only a great time but also a safe experience. Participant’s reactions are always the same – enthusiasm, laughter and smiles.

In short:

  • Location? Recommended outdoors
  • Who? Suitable for anyone
  • When? It can take place at any time of the year – high temperatures don’t affect the ice
  • Transform into an ice sculptor
  • A fantastic trial of teamwork and skill
  • Can take place outdoors or indoors all year around
  • Suitable for business events, presentations, picnics, conference, ice-breakers, and more.