Location: Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Austria

Japanese sport the balkan way

Treat your employees with the japanese national sport the balkan way. In the Sumo wrestling activity you’ll transform into a heavy weight fighter, step into the ring and defeat your opponent. Your objective is to bring your foe to the ground or push them out of the ring. The special suit dampens your fall, but also makes your combat harder.

The activity “Sumo wrestling” can be organised as a standalone activity, added to liven up your event (picnics, parties, conferences, etc.), or included in a packege with other fun ETC activities. The style of the competition is also adaptable – we can organise a tournament or simply offer it as a fun activity for casual participants and passerby.

With help of our giant boxing gloves you can easily become Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather or legendary Muhammad Ali. Knockout is not a question now, victory is in your hands! Giant boxing is game between two opponents. You have to use all your skills to defeat the opponent. Instead with bare fists you use our giant boxing gloves, that offer provided knockout and lots of laughter. The game takes place in an inflated ring, so it is completely safe. You also have a helmet on your head.

About Sumo BOX wrestling:

  • Location? Anywhere, anytime
  • For whom? It is appropriate for companies looking for an extra activity on various events – picnics, parties, conferences, …
  • Group size? The size of the group isn’t important as it is done with two participants at a time
  • Japanese traditional sport the balkan way
  • Jump into the ring and beat your opponent