Location: Slovenia, Italy, Croatia

Bring the fighter out of you

Do you have good balance and know a good fighting technique? Or maybe you just want to do some sports and have fun while you’re at it? Then American gladiator is the game for you.

The adrenaline game on an inflatable field will bring the fighter out of you. You stand on a big inflated cube and your goal is to knock your opponent off of his. Don’t worry, it’s a soft landing. Every player is equipped with a helmet and a foam stick. The judge is one of our animators and the game can be played under the blue skies or indoors.

Contact us and together we can make an American gladiator tournament.

About American gladiator:

  • Location? Can be played indoors or outdoors
  • For who?  Anyone can participate as it is completely safe
  • How long? We can arrange to stay for the whole duration of your picnic or make a 1-hour tournament
  • Brings the fighter out of you
  • Excellent addition for your picnics