How to Choose the Right Speaker for Your Event

One of the crucial aspects of organizing your business event is finding and hiring the main speaker. A good speaker will motivate, inspire, and captivate your audience. Take your time and search for a speaker who will entertain you and ensure an interesting and interactive gathering. A dynamic and energetic presentation will assist your guests in actively engaging and participating in your event. It’s important to be aware that events can turn into a real nightmare without a good speaker.

First, let’s understand who the main speaker is?

The main speaker is the person who delivers the central speech or presentation at a conference, event, or meeting. The main speaker is usually chosen for their expertise in a specific field or their ability to enthuse and engage the audience. A good speaker can capture the audience’s attention, inspire and motivate them, and provide new insights and ideas that they can take away from the event. Central speeches are meant to set the tone and theme of the event. Main speakers can address a wide range of topics, from business and technology to social issues and personal development.

What is important in choosing the right spokesperson?

When deciding on the person who will lead your event, consider the following:

Know Your Audience:If you are planning an event for your company, it’s crucial to know your employees well. Understand what motivates, entertains, and attracts them. Consider the company culture and values, as well as the event theme, before selecting a speaker. The choice of speaker will depend on whether your event is formal or relaxed.

Event Location: Consider whether your event will only host local guests or if it is intended for international participants. This affects both the speaker and the financial plan for your event. If your guests are international, invite a speaker who can adapt to the audience’s structure. Additionally, consider who will be your translator, as simultaneous translation is crucial and can significantly impact the tone of the main speech.

Event Timing: Good speakers usually have busy schedules, so it’s essential to coordinate your dates in advance. We recommend selecting multiple speakers and checking their availability. Once you’ve answered the who, where, and when, it’s time to start looking for a speaker.

Check Your Network: Start by reviewing the list of people you have worked with before. There’s a good chance you’ll find the right person for your event there. Additionally, ask friends or colleagues who have recently attended events or conferences.

LinkedIn Network: LinkedIn is one of the best social networks for finding experts, including speakers. Review profiles, participate in groups, and examine your contacts’ posts to identify potential speakers for your next event.

Nonprofit Organizations: Look for nonprofit organizations in your area. The leaders of these organizations are often active in the community and comfortable speaking in front of an audience. Celebrities, Actors, Radio Hosts: If your event is informal, speakers from the media world can be the best choice. They are comfortable with public speaking, adapt quickly to unforeseen situations, learn fast, and can significantly enhance your event.

Company Leaders or Department Heads: When the head of your company or department is the main speaker, pay more attention to the preparation and rehearsal for the event. It’s crucial to prepare the speaker well, present any potential challenges in public speaking, and repeat the speech multiple times.

Once you have chosen a speaker and are preparing for the event, you need to ask yourself a few more questions. Will our main speaker be able to captivate the audience, emphasize the event’s main theme, entertain the audience, educate, motivate, etc.?

If you’ve answered at least one of these questions affirmatively, then you’ve found your main speaker!

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