The most important point of a good picnic is that you find someone who will be the central person and will be in charge of the organising. Unfortunately, as you’re the one reading this article, that person will probably be you! 😀
So you don’t get overwhelmed and you can possibly enjoy it we put together some practical advices for you.
You’ll probably enjoy yourself being in this role, but make sure you stick to our advice. And the first one is, that you begin immediately.


Preparations start 6 months before the picnic
Location, location, location… First you need a good venue which can accommodate all of the picnic-goers. Location is key! Check the possible activities with the provider and also check the quality of the location. There’s a lot of offers out there, good and bad, so make sure you book the good ones as soon as possible.
What if it starts raining? Before you book the venue check if it has an indoor or covered option. Don’t forget about the scorching sun – large paved surfaces in the middle of the city are useless in that case. Sunshades won’t do much good there!

It makes sense to check the number of bathrooms, parking spots and trash situation according to the size of your group.

If you’re new to the company check where the company already had picnics! It would be less than ideal that you organise your event somewhere where your co-workers have already been.

Don’t forget to arrange a fix date of your event with your company before making any reservations. It has to be the final date, but just in case have another emergency date on hand (in case the weather is really awful).
Our advice is that you pay for the location in advance. It’s been known to happen that the owners get a better offer in the meantime, so make sure you confirm the date through e-mail, if not with a contract.
Check with the management of your company about the number of attendees. You can have not only people from your company, but also division, group partners and also families. You know – the more the merrier. Take note to have as defined a number as possible.

Check your financial capabilities. You don’t want to go over budget.

3 months before the picnic! You have the place, now you can focus on the food and activities.
Check with the management what are their wishes and how much creative space you have for your ideas.
Check with your co-workers what do they want. Fun? Food? Activities? Team building? … In case there are a lot of ideas it’s up to you to pick the right ones.

If your picnic will last longer than 22:00 check with the local police if you have to register your event. Smaller ones are usually fine but if there’s more than 50 people you’ll probably have to register it. Don’t stall, this has to be done at least 30 days before the event.

Plan the party. Think about what you’ll surprise your co-workers with. The activities can be simple, all you need is good will and space. Remember the classics: dodge ball, arm wrestling, team Olympics and of course you can choose one of our activities and team buildings. Think about how you’ll make your picnic truly unique.
Don’t forget about awards. They don’t have to be excessive, just something to spur the competitive spirit and to make the winners feel a bit special. You can also make special categories, such as best company anecdote of the year. Also try to think of a special activity that becomes a tradition.

Don’t overdo with the plan and activities. People aren’t there to work, the picnic has to be overall relaxing! Also, don’t make the timetable too stingy, leave room to adapt and improvise.

7 days before the event

You won’t be able o handle everything by yourself. Try to find some volunteers that are willing to help you and give them their tasks. We recommend a written list.
When shopping don’t forget to take the invoice on your company name. Without that the money is as good as gone.
Grilled meat is always a hit, but what if you surprise your co-workers with something special? What about vegetarians, vegans, … ?

Don’t let the picnic turn into a mess. We recommend that you stay away from strong drinks. You know, it only takes one drunk guest to ruin all your hard work.

Don’t forget about the instructions for the guests. Make them short and precise. Include a list of things that can come in handy (sun cream, sneakers, swim suits, …).

Include a broad timetable of the event. We recommend that you put an activity at the end that no one wants to leave out (award ceremony, stand-up performance, show, …). That way everyone will want to stay to the end.
Don’t forget about taking pictures! Later you can share them with your co-workers in a newsletter, on Facebook, … Group photo is mandatory! People always love a good photo.

If the company is paying make sure that it’s noticeable. At the start invite the director to greet the guests, a lot of companies also take this opportunity to present their achievements. Thank him in everyone’s name.
Everything is going to go a lot better if you have someone to tie the picnic together. Someone to give people directions, animate them, comment on your games and makes sure you have fun.

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