Amazing events for amazing people

Among a million other details, we take care of transportation to and from your desired destination, accommodation of your choosing ranging from a 5-star hotel to a mountain hut, programs and activities, sightseeing tours, fine dining with local and authentic cuisine, and an unforgettable experience for you and your people. Mainly. But there is much, much more.

We live by our motto Amazing events for amazing people, and we always strive to make memorable experience for all participants.

  • We operate in 4 countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro,
  • We organize the whole experience, from departure up until safe arrival back home,
  • ETC Adriatic events are built on having fun,
  • We are especially proud on our recurring costumers,
  • We love challenges.

We are member of boutique travel & event collective BeyondLimits. 

As we provide;

Concert hall, dinner, guest reception, musicians, afterparty … These are just some of the many segments we take care of. You can choose between countless external and internal locations.

Every event is different from each other, so we always consult with the customer about all the details. May your guests remember your event forever!

In addition to celebrating anniversaries, we also organize seminars and congresses.

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