In ancient times, hunters used bows for catching animals, but today archery is a popular sport. With our “Robin Hoodus,” you can transform into a hunter of wildlife for a while and defeat your opponent.

“Robin Hoodus” is a completely safe game. Soft rubber tips are placed at the end of the arrows, ensuring 100 % safety. The player must aim and hit as many targets (balls) floating in the air as possible. The winner is the one who manages to hit all the targets in the shortest time. Although it may seem straightforward at first glance, archery is anything but easy. The initial shots always evoke plenty of laughter.

In short, about the activity “Robin Hoodus”:

  • For whom? The game is intended for everyone who has enough strength to draw the bowstring.
  • Location? The playing field is inflatable, so it can be set up anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Duration? The activity can be conducted throughout your event. An excellent addition to other activities (American gladiator, Sumo ring, ETC Baseball, …).
  • Excitement upon hitting the target and laughter at missed shots.