Location: Slovenia, Croatia, Italy

When a game comes to life

Toys are coming to life and you’re a part of it! The human table football game is a fun spin on the ordinary game – it is a giant-sized foosball table in which you are the players. We strap you on the poles and off you go. Enrich your event with this game if you want something new and to leave your guests laughing and wishing it wouldn’t end. The game comes with a giant inflatable field on which 10 players can play at a time.

And don’t forget – spinning isn’t allowed!

Human table football offers:

  • Location? We recommend outdoors on a large enough surface, though indoors in a large hall is also possible
  • Who? Suitable for any type of events
  • How long? We can organise a tournament that lasts for up to two hours or casuall playing throughout your event
  • Fun new game that will attract crowds
  • Anyone can join in
  • Up to 10 players at a time