Team building events Dubrovnik

Welcome to Dubrovnik, the jewel of the Adriatic and an exceptional destination for business events and team building retreats. Nestled along the stunning Croatian coast, Dubrovnik boasts a unique blend of historical charm and modern sophistication. Our curated experiences in this enchanting city offer the perfect backdrop for corporate gatherings, team building activities, and memorable incentive trips. Explore the iconic city walls, indulge in authentic local cuisine, and immerse your team in the rich cultural heritage of Dubrovnik.

For team buildings and Incentives travel (MICE Croatia), Dubrovnik stands out as the optimal choice. The city offers a blend of history, culture, and modern amenities, making it an ideal location for corporate events and team building activities.

Culinary scene in Dubrovnik is extremely diverse, yet it is based on fresh seafood produce, olive oil and home grown herbs. You can either choose between excellent high class restaurants which usually serve Dubrovnik’s famous guests, or take a more local approach in one of city’s many traditional Konoba restaurants.


Battle for the Throne -Medieval team building

“Battle for the Throne is a team-building program inspired by the renowned series Game of Thrones. Ever dreamed of becoming a knight for a day or engaging in epic battles reminiscent of Game of Thrones? Swords, archery, knights, kings, and intrigue—quickly don medieval attire and join us in the team-building program! Along the path to victory, groups engage in archery, attempt to tame fierce dragons, and defend the castle and king. With blindfolds, dragon egg rescues, and strategic game execution against the clock, participants must pay attention to detail. All attendees and facilitators will be provided with medieval costumes for an even more authentic atmosphere! This entertaining and unique medieval team-building event offers various games and activities that demand concentration, teamwork, and a competitive spirit. Groups tackle active, mental challenges, compete against each other, and vie for the position of the king’s right hand. With decorations and a cast of characters like knights, beggars, and medieval performers, the team-building experience ensures authenticity. The game sparks imagination, transporting participants back to the medieval era. Battle for the Throne ensures that all participants have a blast and fondly remember this day for a long time.”

Game of Thrones -Medieval team building
Game of Thrones -Medieval team building

Silence, we are filming!

is a creative team-building experience lasting up to 3 hours, or even more, depending on the client’s preference. Participants are divided into several groups, each given the opportunity to write, direct, shoot, and act in their own film. After the division, a brief lecture follows, where participants learn the basics of filming, directing, and, guided by mentors, create a film storyboard. The second part involves groups independently writing the script, developing ideas, and shooting. During this time, participants have access to a wardrobe and scenic props. Once the filming is complete, mentors assist in the film editing process. Following dinner is a gala evening, featuring a screening of the films and awards presentation for the best productions..

Lost in Lokrum island

Lost in Lokrum is an immersive team-building adventure where participants must collaboratively navigate through challenges, solve puzzles, and conquer tasks to escape the mysterious island. Teams, each adorned in themed costumes, start simultaneously, racing against the clock to reach checkpoints, gather clues, and unravel the island’s secrets. With animators providing an extra layer of excitement at key points, the program is designed to foster teamwork, effective communication, and strategic thinking, ensuring a thrilling and memorable experience for all involved.

Sail or Sink

Sail or Sink is a fun team-building program that will help identify the skilled captains and excellent divers among your team. For a well-floating boat, all we need is a bit of material and some creativity. Each team will receive materials and tools to construct their boat, all under the watchful eyes of our facilitators and a stern judge. With your team, you’ll build and design your vessel, and upon launching in the stunning backdrop of Dubrovnik, you’ll ceremoniously name it. The captain, skipper, and sailors will be responsible for its smooth navigation.

Sail or sink : team building
Sail or sink

99 Dubrovnik Challenges

Embark on an immersive journey through the enchanting streets of Dubrovnik with ’99 Urban Challenges,’ the pinnacle of team-building experiences. Teams endeavor to swiftly conquer an array of captivating challenges, allowing them to delve into the historic heart of Dubrovnik, from the iconic Stradun to the picturesque Pile and beyond. Experience the epitome of interactivity with ‘ETC Treasure Hunt Croatia,’ a dynamic team building program that unfolds through an innovative app, group kick-off, and numerous checkpoints. Navigating the city’s landmarks is facilitated by tablets, delivering real-time instructions and guidance. At each checkpoint, teams engage in fun and intriguing tasks, earning them instructions for the next leg of the adventure. The victorious team is the first to conquer all challenges, uncover hidden checkpoints, and reach the triumphant finish line.

Discover a new level of team-building excitement as you unravel the secrets of Dubrovnik’s historic charm.

99 Dubrovnik Challenges
99 Dubrovnik Challenges

Murder Mystery

Croatia has assumed the responsibility of hosting the year-long session of the United Nations Commission for Renewable Resources. The inaugural United Nations conference on renewable resources, featuring a plenary session in Dubrovnik, kicked off yesterday. The conference aims to accelerate the search for solutions in cleaner green energy and redefine the Paris Agreement. However, not everything is going as planned. This morning, it was discovered that the keynote speaker of the conference is missing, and a few hours later, he was found dead near the hotel in Dubrovnik. Undoubtedly, this will trigger an international incident, prompting the country’s president to call in a team, led by Senior Inspector Maks Grafenauer, to get to the bottom of the situation within just three hours.


Ice sculptures

Team Building Ice Sculptures present a fantastic test of teamwork and skills. Transform into sculptors and craft your icy masterpiece using hand tools. Under the guidance of an experienced sculptor, who shares some secrets of good and safe sculpting and ice carving, teams unleash their design talents with the help of chainsaws and other tools. Following instructions, the process includes planning, construction, display, and presentation of the creations. The team results are impressive, entertaining, occasionally a bit humorous, and, in the end, almost all the works become artistic masterpieces. The event can be organized anywhere, and the workshop is fun and unique. A sculptor and other facilitators ensure smooth proceedings, ensuring that the creation process is safe, enjoyable, and successful. Participant reactions are consistently enthusiastic, with immense excitement for the action and the resulting artworks. This creative activity, in a fun way, encourages creative expression, coordination, collaboration, and motor challenges. An interesting way of bonding, where the group collectively develops ideas, precision, and focus.”


Food Market Team Building in Dubrovnik

Embark on a culinary adventure in the heart of Dubrovnik with our immersive FOOD Market team-building program. Participants are set to unleash their creativity as they transform locally-sourced ingredients from Dubrovnik’s vibrant market into a culinary masterpiece. Teams are tasked with unique challenges, each requiring them to showcase their culinary prowess and innovation. With fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in hand, teams navigate the bustling Dubrovnik market, selecting the finest produce, spices, and flavors to bring their vision to life. Guided by expert chefs and culinary mentors, each group engages in a hands-on cooking experience, combining local traditions with contemporary techniques.


Wipeout team building Dubrovnik

Wipeout Team Building is a collaborative team game inspired by the popular television show Wipeout. Participants engage in friendly competition, facing various physical and mental challenges reminiscent of those seen on the show. The objective of the game is to facilitate team members in getting to know each other better and functioning as a cohesive unit. Set on a custom-designed obstacle course, teams navigate through a series of challenging tasks that require both physical agility and mental acuity. The dynamic challenges mirror the exhilarating obstacles seen on Wipeout, creating an atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie. The game promotes teamwork, communication, and strategy as team members collaborate to overcome the obstacles and successfully complete the course. With laughter, cheers, and the spirit of friendly competition, Wipeout Team Building offers a thrilling and engaging experience that fosters team cohesion and strengthens interpersonal relationships.

Wipeout team building Dubrovnik
Wipeout team building Dubrovnik

Beach Olympiad

Fun Olympiad is a type of team-building that incorporates various sports and social challenges designed for entertainment and socializing in Dubrovnik. This event encompasses a range of team and individual disciplines, including games, Giant Darts, Soccer with oversized shoes, Zorbing, Sumo Wrestling, Beach Volleyball, Water Balloon Toss and other games. One of the key advantages of the beach Olympiad is its inclusion of diverse challenges suitable for all generations. This means that adults of all ages can participate in such an event, fostering enjoyment and camaraderie for everyone. Beach Olympiad is your company’s Olympics, where participants engage voluntarily, either as individuals or as teams.”

Beach Olympiad - Team building Dubrovnik
Beach Olympiad – Team building Dubrovnik

Oldtimer Rally Tour

Escape the hustle and bustle with our Vintage Voyage Team Building Program – the Oldtimer Rally Tour. Embrace the simplicity and charm of a leisurely journey through the picturesque landscapes of Croatia in classic VW beetles. This unique experience encourages teams to slow down, appreciate the beauty of their surroundings, and foster camaraderie in an unconventional setting. Teams embark on a road trip adventure, navigating through scenic routes while making stops at local wine tasting shops, honey farms, and olive oil producers. The focus is on relaxation, enjoyment, and unplugging from the digital world – a chance for participants to leave their phones behind and fully immerse themselves in the camaraderie of their team. As they cruise in these legendary cars, participants not only create lasting memories but also strengthen team bonds in a laid-back and rejuvenating atmosphere. The Vintage Voyage Team Building Program is a perfect blend of exploration, team connection, and the joy of taking a break from the usual hustle and bustle.

Pub Quiz

“Imagine hosting a quiz night at a bar, restaurant, or hotel with quick fingers, a lively host, studio lights, live music, and answer counters. Witness a true show that will entertain all participants. Pub Quiz is a team-building experience where teams compete in various themed sections, questions, and games. Participants will be divided into groups. Listen to the host to quickly and successfully answer the question or chosen challenge. Questions are displayed on a large screen, allowing teams to see how others respond. Pub Quiz is a blend of questions and tasks that ensure laughter and a cheerful atmosphere among participants.”

Gift box

Let your creativity blossom with the Gift Box team-building program, featuring a delightful twist using Croatian herbs and scents, enriching the experience and promoting Croatian sponsorship. Participants embark on a journey of crafting their personalized gift box, curating three items: 3 soaps, a candle, and herbal salt. This hands-on experience not only fosters creativity but also introduces participants to the richness of Croatian herbs and scents. Crafting unique final products becomes a celebration of Croatian culture, making it an ideal addition to your corporate event where participants construct their own gift box. Upon request, the entire event can be branded (packaging, gift bags, or gift boxes), further emphasizing your company’s message. At the conclusion, each group presents their creations to the leadership, ensuring an enthusiastic and culturally enriched experience!”

Special Venues for team building in Dubrovnik

Fortesses in Dubrovnik

One exceptional venue for team building is the historic fortress in Dubrovnik. With its massive stone-paved terrace, it offers breathtaking views and numerous setup possibilities. The fortress provides an unparalleled atmosphere for events that will leave a lasting impression on your team.

Hotel Locations

In Dubrovnik, a variety of prestigious hotels not only serve as accommodations but also act as excellent hubs for team-building activities. With spacious conference halls, modern equipment, and flexible relaxation spaces, these hotels facilitate a diverse range of activities that strengthen team cohesion. Moreover, they offer the possibility of organizing leisure events in the beautiful surroundings of hotel gardens or on terraces overlooking the sea.

Upper Cable Car Station in Dubrovnik

Ascending to the upper cable car station in Dubrovnik unveils breathtaking views of the city and the Adriatic Sea, creating an inspiring backdrop for team-building activities. This location offers unique possibilities, such as outdoor workshops, group games with panoramic views, or relaxing activities on well-appointed terraces. Unforgettable experiences at this vantage point contribute to strengthening bonds within your team.

Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island, with its pristine nature and cultural heritage, provides an exceptional environment for team-building events. Activities like orienteering hikes, beachside group games, or exploring historical landmarks offer a dynamic approach to team bonding. Lokrum Island also features tranquil spots, including manicured gardens and seaside terraces, where teams can relax and connect in a unique way.

Boat Charter

Chartering a boat for team-building activities in the azure waters surrounding Dubrovnik adds an adventurous touch to your corporate event. Whether it’s a luxurious yacht, a sailing ship, or a casual boat cruise, the open sea becomes a dynamic setting for team exercises. Collaborative sailing experiences and on-deck workshops against a breathtaking backdrop provide a unique and inspiring atmosphere for strengthening team bonds.

Arboretum Trsteno

Situated just a short distance from Dubrovnik, Trsteno Arboretum offers an enchanting setting for team-building endeavors. Set against lush greenery and historic architecture, this botanical garden provides a serene yet invigorating environment. Team-building activities, such as nature-inspired workshops, garden treasure hunts, or relaxation sessions amidst ancient trees, create a harmonious blend of camaraderie and natural beauty, making Arboretum Trsteno an idyllic escape for your team.


To sum up about Dubrovnik

Accommodations for Business Groups

For a seamless team building experience, ETC Adriatic offers exclusive partnerships with some of Dubrovnik’s finest hotels and resorts. Enjoy comfortable and luxurious accommodations, equipped with modern amenities, ensuring your team is well-rested and ready for each day’s adventures.

Getting to Dubrovnik:

Dubrovnik is easily accessible by air, road, and sea. The city is served by Dubrovnik Airport, and our team can assist in coordinating transfers for your group. Whether arriving by plane, car, or boat, the journey to Dubrovnik sets the tone for the exciting experiences that await your team.

Ideal Time to Visit Dubrovnik

While Dubrovnik is a year-round destination, the best time for team building activities is during the spring and fall. Mild temperatures, fewer crowds, and the beauty of blooming landscapes or autumn colors enhance the overall experience.

Culinary Delights of Dalmatia

No visit to Dubrovnik is complete without indulging in the culinary delights of Dalmatia. Experience the unique flavors of local dishes, such as fresh seafood, peka (traditional Dalmatian baking), and lamb specialties. Our team can organize culinary experiences, including cooking classes and tasting tours, for a true gastronomic adventure.

Activities in the Vicinity of Dubrovnik

During the hot summer days it is best to escape the city. Dubrovnik is a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. You can stay on dry land and go for a high octane buggy safari or head towards the beautiful azure sea. Water activities span from laid back kayaking trips to action packed jet skiing. Other possible activities include rafting, paintball and scuba diving.

Dubrovnik: A Filming Haven

Dubrovnik has not only captured the hearts of tourists but has also become a renowned filming destination. Blockbuster movies and iconic series like Game of Thrones have left their mark on the city, adding to its allure. The unique atmosphere and architecture make Dubrovnik a canvas for creativity and storytelling, providing a distinctive setting for your team building experiences.

Contact ETC Adriatic today to discuss your team building goals, and let us create an unforgettable experience for your team in Dubrovnik. Together, we’ll build not just teams but lasting memories and success stories. Dubrovnik awaits – embark on a journey of team building excellence with ETC Adriatic!

Come soon and see it with your own eyes!

Matjaž Jug
ETC Adriatic

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