About Slovenia

If you read this, than you have few question about Slovenia for us. Is it one of these 4?

  • Are you a »Beer« or are you »Wine« country?
  • What else do you offer besides a beautiful lake and an enormous cave with a train inside?
  • Where do locals enjoy the most?
  • What is Slovenia s finest 5-star experience?



Join us to see what Slovenia is all about. This green, diversified and frankly, quite small country, represents one of the hidden gems of Europe. It offers the opportunity to experience numerous different adventures along the way. For the »Afterwork« time, we kindly invite you to sit behind our table and enjoy the gastronomic pleasures that are with us for centuries. Drinks included of course. Beer, wine, liquor…You name it, we bring it.


Colorful Bled Slovenia Autumn Mountains Fall



Embark on a journey with ETC Adriatic – DMC Slovenia to truly immerse yourself in the essence of our beautiful country.

And how is life in this small country? Well if you want a coffee next to a sunny beach or a coffee on a high peak in the Alps, all you need to do is sit in a car, drive for about an hour and  your wish is fulfilled. There is a challenge called Ultimate Slovenian Experience which can be fulfilled only somewhere around April. First you go skiing in the Alps from morning till noon, then you sit in your car, drive for about an hour to the nearest coastline and have a swim in Adriatic Sea. Both areas have typical food & drinks so there really is not a lot that is missing in this incentive programe is it?

Both regions boast distinctive culinary delights and beverages, rounding out a perfect program. For those seeking team-building adventures, DMC Slovenia specializes in crafting experiences that seamlessly blend exploration and teamwork. Join us for the Ultimate Slovenian Experience, enriched with the essence of DMC Slovenia and engaging team building activities.


We have prepared some Unique Experience programmes for small or big groups in less known Slovenian destinations.

KAMNIK-SAVINJA ALPS – Luxury in the Alps

2 popular mountain tops and 2 popular glacial valleys. Close to Slovenian capital Ljubljana there is a small town named Kamnik. It really is a small town, with 10.000 population, but with 4 microbreweries which makes this town have the most breweries per capita. We guess that they sure love beer. If you are not into beer, maybe you would rather enjoy some special dinner. For example, dinner for 2 on the lake, or dinner in a Cable car? Well that is where they make it happen


KOČEVJE – Meet the brown Bear, and see what is underneath

Ah yes, long forgotten place, full of mystery and military secrets. With the largest surface of woods in Slovenia, this place is known by brown bears, and one of the programmes that we offer is Brown bear watching. But no cuddling. They are not tamed or drugged like lions in resorts around the world. They are wild. After knowing the bear, it is time to go underground. Not by foot, neither by train, here we offer a trip underground by boat. It really is an amazing experience, and the colour of the water is just majestic.


BELA KRAJINA – Gastronomy trip

Bela Krajina is a place where people enjoy life, good food and good vine. Especially good wine. On our programme you will start your journey over river Kolpa with canoe. There will be a few stops, a lot actually where you will try typical food and drink along the way.


CERKNIŠKO JEZERO – Cerknica lake disapperring act 

Nestled in the picturesque town of Cerknica lies the enchanting Cerknica Lake, a hidden gem in the heart of Slovenia. This ephemeral wonder is known for its unique disappearing act – during the wet season, the lake swells, only to vanish mysteriously during the dry months, leaving behind a captivating landscape. Take in the breathtaking views and marvel at the ever-changing scenery, as the lake transforms from a shimmering expanse of water to lush meadows. For nature enthusiasts, a visit to Notranjska Regional Park is a must. Immerse yourself in the pristine wilderness, discover diverse flora and fauna, and witness the vibrant ecosystem surrounding the lake. Before bidding farewell to Cerknica, make a stop at the nearby Rakov Škocjan, a captivating karst valley with natural bridges and caverns. Hike along the trails, capturing the beauty of this hidden treasure on camera.


We selected four destinations in the Alps. Why Kamnik-Savinja Alps? Because the area is close to country capital, not overwhelmed with tourists, and has many hidden areas, where you can find your peace and quiet. And you can drink tap water. Mountain resorts, 500 years old mountain villages, glacial valleys, lakes, waterfalls and clean rivers. These are the reasons, why locals are not upset, if they are not able to spend their holidays in five-star hotels. Because they have five green stars from nature.