Slovenian Alps

New experience in Slovenian Alps

This time we prepared some hidden locations, where you can enjoy on your conference, team building event or executive meeting. We searched for destinations, that are not too crowded (1,5 meters will not be a problem), destinations where infrastructure did not yet ruin the nature, destinations that are clean, green & fresh.

In the middle of Slovenia, the peaks of Kamnik-Savinja Alps are watching over the city of Ljubljana, which is only 20 km away. The biggest airport in country is even closer. Imagine the views you get at your arrival or departure. You practically get panoramic tour whenever you fly into the country.

Bled from above


We selected four destinations in the Alps. Why Kamnik-Savinja Alps? Because the area is close to country capital, not overwhelmed with tourists, and has many hidden areas, where you can find your peace and quiet. And you can drink tap water. Mountain resorts, 500 years old mountain villages, glacial valleys, lakes, waterfalls and clean rivers. These are the reasons, why locals are not upset, if they are not able to spend their holidays in five-star hotels. Because they have five green stars from nature.

Slovenian Alps – Velika planina

The magic of Velika Planina started about 500 years ago. That was the time when farmers from the valley, decided to bring cows, sheep and horses on the mountain. We could say they brought them on a mountain vacation. Wolves, bears and other wildlife were representing some danger for animals, so farmers decided to build small village in the middle of the mountain. Today the village still stands on the same spot, cows are still on the mountain and shepherds are still there to protect them.

It is accessible by foot, by car or by cable car. There is nothing like walk through the meadows, watching the sun going down, while the mountain peaks of Kamnik-Savinja Alps are glowing in a beautiful red colour. You feel like you are lost in time.

Herdsmen village has about 200 cottages, and they represent the heart of the mountain. From June to September, shepherds come on the mountain, taking care for their herds, and if they have extra time, also taking care for the visitors. Some of them, are cooking typical dishes of old, making it possible to “taste” how life was, a few centuries ago. Some huts are even available to visitors, so there really is a possibility to experience the life without computers, mobile phones and internet.

Velika Planina
Velika planina


Logar Valley

The Logar Valley is one of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys in Europe. The valley, hidden from the influence of big cities, is green, clean and well preserved. Instead of large industrial plants involved in plastic manufacturing, agriculture and sheep farming are the main source of income.

As soon as you enter the valley you see that place was not touched by hand of greed. An old tree, large meadows and a stunning view over mountain tops are three things that greet you right at the start.

Slovenian Alps
Slovenian Alps


Along the road you, meet some farms and a renovated hotel at the middle of the valley, just next to 50 meters high waterfall. Will you be getting married soon? Look no further, this is as romantic, as it gets. The place is excellent for numerous activities from hiking & biking, to mountaineering, horseback riding or just a simple photo safari.

At the end of the road, where cycling ends, and hiking becomes mountaineering, everyone gets the prize with magnificent almost 100 meters high waterfall Rinka. Water is splashing it`s drops on those who are close enough, giving them much-needed cool breeze in hot summer days. It is also the start of Savinja river, which flows through its neighbour village Luče. Luče represents another small beautifully village, which is a part of Bergsteigerdörfer – Association of Alpine villages across the Europe. It is also the place where river gets the strongest flow, making it possible to organise water activities like rafting or canyoning.




Speaking of beautiful Alpine glacial valleys and Bergsteigerdörfer, we cannot go past the village of Jezersko. A village on the other side of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps mountain chain has a lot of common with Logar Valley, but what waterfalls are for them, lake is for Jezersko. This small, yet beautiful lake, brings the magic to this peaceful area, making it the centre of the village with no more than 500 inhabitants.



It provides numerous hiking & biking trails, but we also call it home for the mountain climbers. In whole village you will not find a man, without mountaineering equipment in his basement. And who could blame them. The view of the mountains from here is just so beautiful, that they can not resist the call. Along with the five-star nature, that the place offers, it also is a home to a brand new five-star hotel Planinka, which is something special. You may find it funny, but when you enter the hotel, you will hate to take off your shoes. The common area is the living room. And you do not walk in your living room with your shoes on, do you? But you put on slippers made of sheep wool, which the area is well known for. The hotel is just perfect for company retreat if you are looking for peace, inspiration and new ideas.




When talking about lakes in Slovenian Alps, there are a lot of them, but small. The biggest one (but still not large) is in Preddvor, which is just 20 minutes from Jezersko. Lake is located next to a small hotel and a castle, making it one of the most romantic locations. Renting a boat and paddle along with swans and ducks who are permanent residents of the lake. Observe the reflection of the Alps in the lake and breathe the fresh air. A perfect food for your soul.

Slovenian Alps – Krvavec

Krvavec is well known ski resort in countries of ex-Yugoslavia. It offers 30km of slopes, which is enough for a company ski racing competition. But what about other months? We are all up for skiing, but summertime offers more freedom, better views and more activities. Paragliding, bike parks, hiking paths, gastronomy.



Infrastructure is well developed, and the area is so big (yeah…big area in such small country like Slovenia… sounds funny), that you can explore and find the undiscovered gems that nature has prepared. Going up and down in a cable car is fun by itself. You can experience that very special feeling when there are low clouds at starting point, but only sun and magnificent views on the top. Perfection.