In 2020 we have learned a lot of new things. New challenges that we faced were a real test and quite a kick out of our comfort zone. We had to search new knowledge, and thanks to beautiful cyber world, we managed to keep our links and connections. After organising online events for more than 2.000 people, we have carefully analysed our events and came up with 10 trends in meeting industry for year 2021.

  1. Less global, more local

After a turbulent year, there will be no time for employees from different countries to socialize. Meetings will be mainly local and regional. Each office will have to settle for socializing in their own regional bubble. Our advice would be to grab a chance to explore the home environment and discover small local hidden gems from local providers. The combination of activities and excursions will be the right substitute for multi-day incentive and team building events.

  1. Hybrid events

But what if you still have to organize an event, where participants are from different parts of the world? In those cases, the company will organize hybrid events. These are events where part of the participants gathers at the location itself, while the other part follows the event via an online video platform. Hybrid events are suitable for trainings, annual conferences, and congresses, which can be upgraded with virtual experiences and team building. We set up a studio for such events, prepare a program, choose a moderator, etc,… Remember that we are in the 21st century, where we can make a great event with a combination of creativity and technology.

  1. Private locations with a lot of space

There is no secret that events will take place where there is less possibility for mix of employees with other participants. Most of the events will take place in open space. We expect that in spring meetings with picnics will be main focus for company events.

  1. Multi-day events will take place in smaller venues

Family and boutique hotels will be targeted as 1st options. Smaller places that have all the necessary infrastructure & equipment will be companies 1st choice. If the venue has a special terrace for coffee break with a nice view, than everything you need is already there.

  1. Trainings in nature

Seminars and team building are extremely important for every company and regardless the current situation, companies should not cancel them. Such events can be organized online, but live events are the ones with extra effect. We expect that, because of pandemic, companies will try to find locations where training can take place outdoors in small groups. With such events, there will be less stress for your employees, and the possibility of infection lower. And bottom line. Fresh air has a positive effect on the brain in one way or another.

Velika planina
Velika planina
  1. Business events will be relaxing

How long have you been in isolation? To long of course. That is why the events will have to be relaxing with emphasis on socializing, maybe some healthy sport activities and of course some fun. Picnic with fun activities will make sure your employees will have a great time while discovering if the office still has the same champion, or is there another one on the throne?

  1. Virtual experiences and virtual team building will stick around for quite some time

Virtual events turn out better than you think! They can be organised throughout the year, and it is not weird if it is in the mid of March or April, because timetable and organization is much more precise. In our company we offer virtual experiences where participants get a package in front of their doorstep, so together with our moderator they can cook, taste brandy, make cocktails or test their knowledge of beer. Other programmes such as Murder Mystery, Pub quiz or Battle for masks.

TIP: Check out our virtual programmes team building programme.


  1. . Creative events

This trend is not Covid related. We are increasingly noticing that companies are organising picnics and that is ok. But if you really want to work on your company branding, and make your employees feel that they work in a 5-star environment, you have to go further. Do not be afraid to go big. It does not mean that it will be expensive, just put some extra effort. You ll be surprised.

  1. Plan your events

Do you find the trend odd? Planning is important in every business, and trust us, it is the same with events. We suggest that companies prepare annual plans for seminars, gatherings, and team buildings. Always prepare plan B if epidemiological situation is worse than expected.

  1. Indoor events will be limited

Indoor events will not be allowed for some time or will be allowed with restrictions. Even at events that will be allowed, masks and distance between participants will still be mandatory. Such an event will have to be announced at the public authorities, and probably Covid tests will have to be used.

Interested in how virtual events take place? Watch a video from our events:

Our goal remains the same. Quality events, where people learn, connect and have a good time. Indoor, outdoor or from your home sofa. It does not really matter. What matters is that we keep our spirits up and keep grinding thru the challenges that oppose us.

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