Team building games are the best way to liven your event.

Check out our top 5 picks for this year:

Team building games – top 5


1) Human football


Toys are coming to life and you’re a part of it! The human table football game is a fun spin on the ordinary game – it is a giant-sized foosball table in which you are the players. We strap you on the poles and off you go. Enrich your event with this game if you want something new and to leave your guests laughing and wishing it wouldn’t end. The game comes with a giant inflatable field on which 10 players can play at a time.

And don’t forget – spinning isn’t allowed!

Human table football offers:

  • Location? We recommend outdoors on a large enough surface, though indoors in a large hall is also possible
  • Who? Suitable for any type of events
  • How long? We can organise a tournament that lasts for up to two hours or casuall playing throughout your event
  • Fun game that will attract crowds
  • Anyone can join in
  • Up to 10 players at a time


2) Knock down all the cans


Extremely fun activity, which looks very simple, so simple, all you have to do, is to try to knock down all the cans with three shots you have. An extremely popular activity for family-friendly picnic. The best contestants receive awards at the end of activity. 

In short, about the activity:

  • Location? Picnic site or other outdoor locations
  • How long? It lasts for the entire duration of a picnic or a business event
  • For who? For families, large picnics with the presence of children
  • Nostalgic activity,
  • Each contestant receives award


3) Ice sculpture making


Ice sculpture making is a fantastic test of teamwork and skill. Become sculptors and create your masterpiece.

With the guide of an experienced sculptor that explains to the contestants some of his secrets they will release their artistic gifts. After the instructions come the planning, making and presentation of what they’ve made. The results are fun and usually also funny and guaranteed works of art.

This unique and fun workshop can be organised anywhere. A team composed of a sculptor and animators ensure you’ll not only have fun, but also be safe doing it. Participant’s reactions are always the same – enthusiasm, laughter and smiles.

In short:

  • Location? Recommended outdoors
  • Who? Anyone
  • When? It is suitable for any time of the year – high temperatures don’t affect the ice
  • Transform into an ice sculptor
  • A fantastic trial of teamwork and skill
  • Can take place outdoors or indoors all year around
  • Suitable for business events, presentations, picnics, conference, ice-breakers, …


4) Splatmaster paintball


We are one of the first companies that offer Splatmaster paintball in Slovenia. The goal of the game is to hit yout opponent with a colour pellet which you shoot from a spring gun. Don’t worry, the hits aren’t dangerous and don’t hurt too much. What counts in this fun game is your accuracy, agility and speed.

Splatmaster paintball can be organised almost anywhere – besides a hotel, on a picnic venue, in a congress hall or in the streets.

We offer many different kinds of Splatmaster paintball:

  • Range – shooting targets on a secured range;
  • Cowboy showdown – duels;
  • Hunger games – free for all in the fight for goods and weapons;
  • Catch the rabbit – one person is the rabbit and the others are hunters trying to catch him;
  • And many more …


5) Body Zorbing


Hide in a zorb bubble and bounce, crash, fight and romp about with the other contestants. This extremely fun accessory makes every game intense and fun. Try playing zorb football, zorb run or zorb sumo wrestling – we guarantee you will be thrilled about the experience.

Body zorbing in short:

  • Location? Mostly we organise body zorbing at outdoors picnics (on grass), but we can also accomodate you on hard surfaces (asphalt or indoors). We have a special foam for this occasions so we can do it anywhere.
  • Who? The activity is suitable for everyone
  • How long? It usually lasts for two hours
  • You can play it anytime, indoors or outdoors
  • It’s safe, but fun
  • A great addition for conferences, seminars and similar
  • It can be used and combined with other games (football, sumo wrestling, family Olympics, agility course, …)
  • Fun, wild and unforgettable experience

Speciality: We are the only company in Slovenia which offers a giant inflatable field which makes zorbing more fun and safe.

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